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What we do

Skilfully and knowledgeably, teach, guide and support people just like you


to develop their sensing abilities, intuition and insight and to gain new ways of understanding health and well-being through the lens of traditional Oriental medicine – all whilst learning the technique and practical skills of shiatsu.


What We Offer


How can we take better care of ourselves and our loved-ones?

How do we recognise the early signs of imbalance and then restore that balance? 

Learning Shiatsu will give you all of this and much more … You could even become that person ‘skilled in healing’ within your own community.  There may never be a better time than now, with our health services struggling to cope with the ever-increasing demands upon them as levels of chronic sicknesses continue to rise within our society to develop a natural hands on healing skill.

Folk in most older societies would have had near-neighbours skilled in healing. In some, it was usual for massage of some kind to be a skill within the family; not just to ease aches and pains but for general well-being and as nurture for one-another. The rise of ‘specialism’ in our modern world has led us to out-source our healthcare. But maybe the time has come to reclaim these ancient skills; to empower ourselves with new knowledge, understanding and confidence and take-back responsibility for our own and our family’s health and wellbeing.

Our Courses

We offer a range of Shiatsu courses to suit you

How the Courses are Structured 

Traditional Oriental medicine is based on a model which is complete and circular in its nature (and distinct from our Western scientific logic which proceeds along a linear path). This allows students – in a 1-year course – to comfortably ‘go around’ and learn the model’s framework together with a good amount of associated bodywork equipping them to give competent and beneficial shiatsu.

To progress further we go around the circuit again and then (perhaps) again. With each circuit made, we gain additional knowledge and deepen our understanding and skills. Equally importantly, we get to re-visit and to integrate our previous learning. This structure ensures that those studying to practitioner level will, by completion, have become deeply grounded in the art and the theory, allowing them to move into practice with confidence and competence.

Course Details

‘Family & Friends’ Courses and Workshops

 These short courses and workshops offer a fun way of discovering shiatsu, what it is like to learn this art- and get some idea of its scope for self-development as well as helping others.

These courses run intermittently – we can keep you posted with the dates – just let us know you are interested.


 Introductory Courses

A short course to experience what it is like to learn shiatsu and to learn some of the basic principles and techniques.

Generally a pre-requisite for entering the Foundation Course.


Professional Practitioner Training Programme

Foundation Course 

Year 1 of the 3 year Practitioner Training and can be taken as a stand alone qualification.*

This will give you a good, basic level of shiatsu together with an overview of traditional Chinese medicine theory and an understanding, both theoretical and practical, of the body’s energy systems.

Ideal for those wishing to be able to use Shiatsu confidently within the family and/or to offer basic- level community shiatsu and wellbeing advice.

* – A Certificated Award of ‘Well-being Practitioner’ accompanies this course upon successful completion, facilitating practitioner insurance and registration with the Shiatsu Society (UK)*

Intermediate Level Course

Year 2 of the Practitioner Training.

As with the Foundation Course, it provides a complete ‘level’ of study and by completion you developing sensitivities and intuition combined with your understanding and deepening practical skills bring your shiatsu to a new, more powerful and satisfying level.




Senior Level Shiatsu Course

 third and final year of the Practitioner Training.  

It is a year within which skills and understanding are integrated and deepened; where theory and practice merge and where you learn to place your trust in your ever deepening intuition.  The course is centred around working at clinical level and setting-up in practice and includes a 4-day residential module.




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Who we are…

A professional practitioner of Shiatsu for some 20 years, Lee is also a registered Shiatsu teacher and has taught for over 15 years, including 6 years as Principal of the Shiatsu College London.

Complementary and integrally, he has studied and practised Japanese martial arts, Chinese Taiqi and Qigong extending through 45 years. With a deep interest in the human condition and how we may heal our wounds and live richer, fulfilling lives, Lee additionally teaches qigong and regularly teaches courses and workshops on the wider theme of ‘well-being’ improvement.

Lee Sanger Bsc. FwSS(T)

Beth has been immersed in the Eastern healing arts for well over fifteen years and practicing Shiatsu professionally since 2010.  She has studied Daoist medicine in the mountains of China and is committed to exploring the internal dynamics and physical mechanics of the body and how these relate to good health and vitality.  

A dedicated qigong and neigong (inner skill) practitioner & teacher, she brings an experiential understanding of the body’s energy system to her work and teaching.

Beth Edgell BA Hons, PG Dip, SrSS(t)

Our courses are currently based at the Nurture Centre, Carmarthen 

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